​​Podcast Episode List

* Every Episode is 100% scripted; transcripts available upon request.

Episode 1 (Law): Why does the mother get custody of the children in 90 percent of divorce cases? 

Episode 2 (Criminal Justice): How are corporations profiting from prisons?

Episode 3 (Law): Why can't I marry my first cousin?
Episode 4 (History, Law, and Society): How did marijuana become illegal? PART I
Episode 5 (Society): 911 Anniversary Comments. 
Episode 6 (Law, History, and Society): How did marijuana become illegal? PART II
Episode 7 (Futurism): When will we have ESP? PART I
Episode 8 (Futurism): When will we have ESP? PART II
Episode 9 (Criminal Justice): Gunslinger versus Target Shooter: Who would you want as your partner?

Episode 10 (Criminal Justice): What really happened in Ferguson?
Episode 11 (Life Hack): How do I pick a lawyer? PART I
Episode 12 (Life Hack): How do I pick a lawyer? PART II
Episode 13 (Criminal Justice): Did you know that states can bill inmates for their stay in jail?Episode 14 (Society): Is Big Brother watching me?

Episode 15 (Law): Can I buy Due Process?

Episode 16 (Society): Why are attempts to ban assault rifles a waste of effort?
Episode 17 (Society): Why are guys supposed to spend two months' salary on an engagement ring?
Episode 18 (Criminal Justice): Why do released prison inmates have difficulty returning to society?

Episode 19 (Criminal Justice): Media reporting and the police use of lethal force. PART I

Episode 20 (Criminal Justice): Media reporting and the police use of lethal force. PART II
Episode 21 (Society): Can my genetics make me a warrior?

Episode 22 (Criminal Justice): Civil Asset Forfeiture Law enforcement: Asset or abuse?
Episode 23 (Society): Is ISIS a threat to the United States?

Episode 24 (Criminal Justice): How does DUI work?
Episode 25 (Society): The Maury Show: You are NOT the father!

Episode 26 (Law & Criminal Justice): What is the most humane method to execute an inmate?
Episode 27 (Society): How can we profit from death-penalty executions? 

Episode 28 (Criminal Justice): The Steven Avery case in 10 minutes. 

Episode 29 (Society): Leadership lessons in 8 minutes: Clinton and Trump.

Episode 30 (Society): If society collapses, go it alone!  Here’s why-
Episode 31 (Society): The Flint Water Crisis- in 10 minutes. 

Episode 32 (Society): Does the media cause violence? 
Episode 33 (Society): Florida, OxyContin, and heroin addiction in the suburbs.
Episode 34 (Society): The recent Kalamazoo spree-shooting. 
Episode 35: Why are men not marrying? 

Episode 36: How are the innocent wrongly convicted? 

Episode 37: You are not the father, yet still pay child support. How? 

Episode 38: In 8 minutes: How could abortion become illegal? 
Episode 39: What do employers say about online college degrees? 

Episode 40: Prison over-crowding: Freeway Ricky Ross, Reagan, and mandatory minimum sentencing. 

Episode 41: Are police-worn body cameras the answer?

Episode 42: Are you reading a news article or an advertisement?

Episode 43: How do advertising dollars influence news reporting?

Episode 44: Success 101- Advice to college students. 

Episode 45 (In 3 Minutes): Charles Manson never committed murder. 
Episode 46: Can 'Lone Wolf' terror attacks be prevented?  
Episode 47: The Alton Sterling shooting: Second-by-second video analysis. 

Episode 48: What is the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’? 

Episode 49: What are Three-Strike Laws? 

Episode 50: Recap- Day 1: Tampa Citizen’s Police Academy. 
Episode 51: The Kim Kardashian Robbery Hoax and Publicity Stunt. 

Episode 52: Part 2: Kim Kardashian's robbery hoax and other celebrity publicity stunts.

Episode 53: Did the BLM movement lead to passive policing? 

Episode 54: How did the Tampa Police Department reduce crime, by 71%, since 2003? 

Episode 55: An argument ‘for’ the Public Defender. 

Episode 56: Edward Bernays: The father of public relations. 

Episode 57: Ban the Box, criminal records, and employment.

Episode 58: Ghost police? 

Episode 59: Black Lives Matter and Twitter. 

Episode 60: PTSD and suicide: A widow’s story of loss and recovery. 

Episode 61: Blue Lives Matter laws. 

Episode 62: Were the colonists 'wrong' for revolting against the British Crown?

Episode 63: Competency to Stand Trial vs. Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

Episode 64: Get the Facts: Domestic Terrorism- White Supremacists and/or Antifa?

Episode 65: Implicit bias training for cops.

Episode 66: How to win in life: The power of choice.

Episode 67: The Opioid Epidemic: How did we get here? 

Episode 68: Satanism and the Church of Satan.

Episode 69: My first trial- as the lead attorney.

Episode 70: Prison inmates fighting California wildfires.

Episode 71: The Catholic Priest sex abuse scandal.
Episode 72: The Exclusionary Rule and Reasonable Expectation of Privacy.

Episode 73: Can employers require access to your private social media? 

Episode 74: The Parkland school shooting: How did this happen? 
Episode 75: The Gender Wage Gap.

Episode 76: Are cell phones destroying us? 

Episode 77: Prison inmate sterilization, 2018.

Episode 78: Would Australia's gun laws work in the U.S.? 

Episode 79: Stand Your Ground laws.

Episode 80: How has the media lied and divided?  
Episode 81: The shooting of Antwon Rose II.

Episode 82: Affirmative action in higher education.
Episode 83: Statutory Rape laws.

Episode 84: Hate crime hoaxes.

Episode 85: Red Flag laws and mass shootings.

Episode 86: The Sovereign Citizen Movement: Domestic Terrorism? 
Episode 87: George Zimmerman interview.
Episode 88: Rape laws: History and prosecution

Episode 89: The Dark Web and Child Sex Crimes.

Episode 90: Does social media algorithms fuel outrage culture? 

Episode 91: Drone strike controversy. 

Additional Podcasts/Lectures

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
1. Deductively Valid Arguments
2. Inductive Reasoning

3. Syllogisms and Deductive Reasoning

4. The Use of Rhetorical Devices

Criminal Justice

1. Discrimination in Policing

2. Restorative Justice

3. Plea Bargains
4. Reagan era crime control reforms: How do they continue to impact us today?
5. Does torture produce actionable intelligence and information?

6. The importance of securing the crime scene


1. EEOC v. Management Hospitality of Racine, Inc.

2. Vehar v. Cole National Group

3. Cortez v. Wal-Mart Stores

4. Gerber & Co. v. S.S. Sabine Howaldt

5. Young v. UPS

6. EEOC v. Abercrombie and Fitch Stores, Inc.
7. The Warren Court and Judicial Activism

9. Federal Courts and In Personam Jurisdiction
10. What is a Bill of Lading?
11. Unfair Trade Practices: Price Dumping
12. Foreign Direct Investment
13. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration & Mediation

14. Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Capacity, and Legal Detriment
15. Title VII, ADA, and the Equal Pay Act


1. The seven methods of group decision-making

2. How to craft and deliver an elevator speech

3. Commencement Speech (video): I am the Keynote Speaker. National American University (May 19, 2017)

4. Language Choices & the Media

5. Does media violence influence real-world behavior?

Meet Your Instructor Series

National American University Faculty

1. Charlene Henry                  
2. Robert Johnson                          
3. Tracey Dollison-Decker       
4. Jennifer Cunningham        

5. Ethan Schmidt                     
6. Amber Richey-Lopez                       
7. Mark Frederick                   
8. Mike Kerley                         
9. Catlin Pavel                        

Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security Faculty
1. David Haag                           

2. Harry Nimon                        
3. Alex Corbin
4. Kevin Keys

Meet Your Associate Dean Series
1. Dr. Charles Russo

2. Dr. Lynn Priddy
3. Dr. Barbara Burke

4. EdD in Community College Leadership: National American University

Meet Your Alumni Series
1. Kelly Lazar
2. Cassie Johnson

Subject Matter Expert Series
1. Post 9/11 Homeland Security, Domestic Terrorism, and Cyber Terror Threats
2. The Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting
3. Jurors, trial stories, and bears- oh my!
4. The Ukrainian Phone Call Whistleblower
5. Interview: M.K. Palmore, former Head of the Cyber Security Branch- San Francisco FBI field office
6. Cyber Security and Smart Cities: Discussion with Dr. Mansour
7. Ed.D. in Community College Leadership: National American University
8. Podcast: Dr. Jason Piccolo: Former Special Agent, and supervisor, with the Department of Homeland Security
9. Podcast: Rick Alan Ross, one of the leading cult experts in the world
10. What is the Cybercrime Support Network?

11. What is cyber-deterrence?

12. Dr. Piccolo, federal government whistleblower

13. Podcast: Cynthia Deitle, Director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation 

14. Interview: Human Trafficking expert

15. Rick Alan Ross, cult expert, discusses the Jehovah's Witnesses

16. Dr. Jason Piccolo: Discussion on current U.S. human trafficking trends

17. Policing during the Coronavirus